Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The need for normal...

It has been an intense summer!!! Things around here have been anything but normal, which is why I needed to go A.W.O.L. for a while. Things have just taken their toll and I seem to have developed depression from all the stress. I think if I could just get around better and be more comfortable my mood would improve. It just takes it's toll knowing my life will never be the same again. Things like doing laundry can be quite a challenge. Getting the laundry, soap, fabric softener up and down the stairs is impossible to do in one trip. Shopping is also difficult. Lifting items into the cart and back out to get rung up, then back in the cart, and out again and into the car. Then once you are home, trying to get them inside... Most of the time I have to have someone go shopping with me, that's if I'm even up to going at all. You just take for granted how easy it is to do everyday tasks till you start having trouble doing them...Sorry, I didn't mean for this to end up in this direction...

Hubby and I moved from our 5 bedroom house into something smaller. The kids are on their own so we really didn't need all the space anyway. Buddy (the dog) and Purl (the cat) have adjusted well, although Buddy seemed to have an easier time than Purl.

My knee problems have gotten worse. I recently completed about 2 months of P.T. The P.T. did help to strengthen my muscles but did nothing for the pain. I am now having problems with my "good knee", back and hips. Last month the doctor changed my meds, which has helped some. At this point there is no happy medium. It's painful to sit, to stand and to walk. But you push through because you have no other choice. You can't stop living your life. You do what you can, when you can, as well as you can and hope that it's good enough. You get used to walking slow, and having people stare at you because you are 40 something, wear a knee brace and walk with a cane. I think the thing that gets me the most is when people gawk. If you are going to be like that and ask your friend, "what do you think happened to her?" loud enough to be heard by others, why not just ask??? I have seriously thought about having a shirt made that says..."You want to know? Then ask!" or how about..."I shattered my knee. Still curious? Just ask." What do you think???

Then I broke my glasses and had to have an eye exam and was told things look suspicious, go to a specialist. So, off I went. It turns out there is a chance I could develop Glaucoma. I need to go back in December for another eye exam. Oh, and I ended up needing bifocals.

The girl is getting a divorce. I can't go into details right now but maybe at a later date I will be able too. I will say that I am not surprised at the recent events that have that have come to pass and I truly hope that the saying "What comes around, goes around" holds true in this case.

How about some good news...Hubby got a job offer from a good company, and decided to take it. He is working 10 minutes from home so no more commuting, he got a pay increase, great hours and the benefits are really good too. It's so nice to see him come home in a good mood!

Knitting news...
I haven't done much knitting over the summer. I did finally complete the back of the cable sweater and start the front. (I'll see if I can get a picture posted in the next few days.) But that's all I've done. About a week ago I decided to commit to at least one row a day. I have been able to stick to that. I never thought it would be so very difficult to pick up those needles. The desire is there but the drive isn't. I would really like to knit like I used to but just don't have the energy too. Maybe with the cooler weather coming I'll be able to get back into the swing of things.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day and other stuff...

I just wanted to wish all the mom's out there a "Happy Mother's day". (Shouldn't everyday be Mother's Day?)

Well, another birthday has come and gone and I'm now another year older. Does anyone else out there feel like they can't possibly be as old as they are? I know I certainly don't think of myself as 42...24 maybe, but not 42. Although there are days when I feel like I'm 84. Why is it we don't see ourselves as others see us? I think I need to meditate on this...

I have been in a knitting slump for several weeks now. I just can't seem to shake it. As a result, I have not had anything to post about. However, I have been cleaning up my craft room little bit, by little bit. I hate making decisions like...what stays and what goes. Trying to weed through my knitting books is the worst. Every time I put a book in the give away pile, it comes back out later. I am also trying to decide what to do with the things I'm getting rid of... Warning Now Entering A Rant Zone...The last few times I thinned things out, I donated the stuff to a local nursing home/retirement community for the residence. Everyone told me how much the residence needed things to do, and would love to have the items. Then I found out that the employees were taking most of the items for the own use and the residence got the little bit that had been picked through. I can't even describe how I felt when the receptionist (a "paid" employee in her mid 50's who drives) came up to me and thanked me for the yarn that she had used to make SEVERAL baby sweaters, blankets and outfits for her new grandbaby. Then she informed me that she wasn't the only employee who had benefited from this stuff. Maybe it's me...maybe I shouldn't be bothered by this, but I am still really ticked off about it. I just feel like this stuff was stolen from the people it was supposed to go to. I have since decided to try to find another place to donate items. So if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know...Now Leaving The Rant Zone...

Monday, April 17, 2006

That's Life...

Things have been crazy around here lately, so not much knitting is taking place. I just purchased a few more skeins of Jiffy from ebay. I am now confident I have enough to finish the sweater. YYYEEEAAAHHH!!! I think I need to frog the sleeve of the Cable sweater. I messed up the increases somehow and have more on my counter than I actually worked. Personally, I think someone might have been just goofing around and moved it on me. I caught a family member putting it down the other day. Don't they know knitting equipment is sacred??? ;) Needless to say, I'm not happy about this. Why is it that my non-knitters feel the need to touch my knitting stuff that is left unattended? I don't get it.

The Crayons socks I mentioned a while back, were frogged and reworked. I found I was using the wrong size needles. I usually only work on them when I am waiting somewhere, like doctor visits and such. I am finally ready to work the heel, which I don't do while waiting, then they will be returned to the knitting bag.

I am to the point that all my UFO's are all in need of a little more attention than I am willing to give them at the moment. Sleeves need increases, socks need heels and blue cable sweat needs decreases. I just don't have the uninterrupted time right now. Someone always seems to need my attention when I'm in the middle of something. I would love just a couple hours a day when no one needed my attention. I thought the older people got, the less they would need me. Boy was that thinking wrong.

In other news...
My daughter got married. She eloped April 4th. I'm not ready for this. I never thought I would be a mother-in-law at this stag in my life. All I have to say is I had better not become a grandma anytime soon!!!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Long Overdue Replies to comments...

Carol M,
Thank you for your offer to check your local craft stores. If you are out and about, and happen to come across a couple of skeins of Lionbrand Jiffy Savannah color...Please let me know. The sweater is still on the needles, I haven't touched it since I realized I didn't have enough yarn. Thank You.

Thanks for you advice on waiting to frog the sweater. I'm so glad I waited before frogging because I found a couple of skeins. Thanks for suggesting I wait.

I'm sorry this is so late and long overdue. Thank you for your well wishes on my knee situation.

Cable Sweater Update
I did manage to find three skeins of the Jiffy Savannah color on eBay. They arrived yesterday. I am planning to resume work on it this weekend. I can't wait to get this sweater finished.

While I was looking around for more yarn, I started another sweater. It's also a cable pattern. This one will take a little longer to finish. I am using worsted weight yarn. Here's a photo...

Blue Cable Sweater

This pattern is from Family Circle Easy Knitting Holiday 2004 issue. It's a unisex sweater. It has the same 6 row cable pattern as the other sweater, it just has a lot more cable. It's a fun project. The only trouble I'm having now is that I keep dropping stitches. Maybe I'm messing myself up because of the yarn weight. The other sweater is "chunky" weight and this is "worsted" weight. That's the only thing I can figure. I better get back to work on it, I'd like to have a bit more done on this sweater before I resume work on the other.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Not Enough Yarn...

I am 4 balls short of having enough yarn to finish my Cable sweater. The front and back are finished, but I don't have enough for the sleeves. I checked eBay with no luck. I went to every craft store in my area and nothing. I even logged on to the Lionbrand website and I couldn't find it, I think it has been discontinued. So now what?!?!?! I was thinking of turning it into the question is, do I leave it as a pullover "V' neck or frog the front and and make the cardigan version? I think maybe the cardigan version. I think a pullover vest would add to my "fluffiness". What do you think? Should I frog or not? I was also thinking of adding a hood. I think I might have enough for one if I frog a couple inches off the body and I have two balls left over that where going toward the sleeves.


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