Monday, August 30, 2004

Stash Enhancement...

I went Saturday and helped mom pack boxes. With my banged-up knee that's all I could do. Tape the boxes and fill the boxes, I had to have my brothers move them out of the way. Boy did I feel useless!!! Tomorrow will be just as bad. I have to go back out and help again. At least I can watch my nephew and keep him out of the way. So I guess it won't be so bad.

I had another doctor's appointment today. I'm getting tired of seeing doctors. I wish they had a clue. The only bright spot in my day so far is a trip to the yarn shop!!! If that doesn't cheer me up, nothing will! I bought two fiber trends patterns. "Felt Hats II" and "felt clogs". I have been working on hats so much
lately, I thought I would take a break and make something else. I only get to work on "mom's sweater" and "the beast" in the evening. You know, when the laundry is done for the day and everyone is feed and dishes are done and ect. The brief (and sometimes) relaxing time you get (maybe an hour) before you go to bed. The rest of my time is spent on housework and hats.
I have made a few narrow brimmed hats for the hat drive and wanted a couple wide brimmed for me. (They are quick, easy and fun to make) I really love the instant gratification factor. I even found some wool I think I may be able to use. In the past I have not been able to use wool. I would itch and break out into a rash. Someone suggested it may be a sensitivity rather than an allergy (to the way it's processed) so I played with some wool for a while. NO RASH, A lot of itching but no rash. So I bought some "Lamb's Pride" 85% wool/ 15% mohair. I bought Black and Dynamic Blue. I'll let you know what happens. I wonder if it will soften and get less itchy after it's washed and felted? I thought I could knit a band to go on the inside of the hat if itching is a problem. The clogs I'm nowhere near ready to start yet. It was something I saw on someone else's blog and thought they were neat and just had to have it. I always impulse buy when it come to knitting. Maybe I will have the courage to try them in a few weeks. We'll see. Catch you later.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Why knit hats...

I just checked my (AK)list and saw that my friend Carol is out of the hospital.I know how relieved I am so her family must be exstatic. I would like to tell you a little bit about Carol. I have never had the opportunity to actually meet met her in person but we have e-mailed. She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Not long ago she told me of some major things that have happened to her in the last few years (cancer being one of them). And I myself in the last few years have had MAJOR loses and set backs in my life. I also realize there are folks out there who feel all alone. Yes, they may or may not have their family but they still feel as if know one else knows how or what they are feeling. I wanted to do something but had no clue what. One day,Carol mentioned cancer and it hit me like a ton of bricks. An epipfinay, if you will! HATS. Cancer patients need them because of chemo. Burn patients need the warmth and protection. Heart patients,(like my dad) wore one all the time. Because of his meds, he was always cold. He always wore a hat, sweater and a blanket on his lap. So "Rockn-Noggins" was born.
I have some folk out their knitting and crotcheting their fingers to the bone all thanks to Carol. So THANK YOU CAROL!!!

I have been a little under the weather myself lately. I don't know how much knitting I will get done. Mom is moving this weekend. And I just don't feel well. Sometimes life just makes you want to cry. I'm not going to sit here and feel sorry for myself! I'm of to knit a row or so then off to see if I can help mom. Then maybe I'll knit a little more later.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

You Gotta Love It!!!...

Well, as you can see I have added links to some of the blogs I read daily. I have also learned (through much trial and error) how to make link button. If you scroll down to "The Art of Knitting" picture, it is now a link button. It connects you to the site. Once there you will find clips for all four of the "Art of Knitting " dvd's that are to be released. I don't think it's to bad for a newbie. I hope you will enjoy all these links as much as I do.

As for my knitting...It has suffered the last two days because of everyday life going on around me. (these blog problems, back to school, doctor visits and so on)Now that I think about it...When I have knit the most is at the doctors office. I always carry yarn in my purse (if that's what you want to call it. It's more totebag size than purse size. I think it boarders on diaper bag size!) I'm working on another hat for the hat drive. I stopped at the local senior center, who is generously making and donating head coverings of all types, and picked up a nice size box of hats. A local restaurant, "The Texas Roadhouse" has also donated hats. I would like to publicly thank Donna from "A.K." for the wonderful strawberry hat. I just got it in the mail. Thanks so very much!!! (A card is on the way.)

I think I will work on "mom's sweater" while it's quiet now...Then "the beast" later on tonight when people are running around screaming and yelling in preparation for school tomorrow. You know the old familiar...Mom, where is my book bag!?!?!? And the ever popular...Mom, will my new outfit be ready for school?! I'll just die if I can't wear it!!!!!!!!... And, don't forget about... Mom, I can't find my new shoes!!!I think "so and so" hid them!!! I looked everywhere and I just can't find them anywhere!!!!...AAAHHH...Back to school! Ya gotta Love It. I know I do!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


I was never really happy with my blog when I set it up. Something just bothered me about it...I couldn't quite put my finger on it, then it hit me. It was kind of hard to read. Don't get me wrong...I liked the template and colors and all, it was just hard on my eyes. So this morning I decided to change things. I picked my template, copied and pasted it into my PC, then hit the change button. Well... My info didn't save. So now I will have to do things all over again. (It's a good learning experience.) It will take a little time for me to get some thing back again, others are back already. I will also take this chance to add some more links. Please be patient.

On to knitting...I had to frog part of mom's sweater last night. I measured and it was just to long. So I will have to start the shoulder shaping again. I got frustrated and decided to work on the beast instead last night. (good old fashioned mindless knitting). I also checked out patterns for different stitches and colors. I have never done anything more colorful than stripes. I was thinking of two color changes or maybe a pattern like a cable for my next sweater. I don't know, we'll see what happens. Well, I'm going to get back to work on this blog. Talk to you soon.

Monday, August 23, 2004

UFO Night...

Since tonight is ufo night I thought I would talk about the project I would work on this evening...MOM'S SWEATER. A few weeks after my dad passed away, mom and I went shopping. We ended up at "Wal-Mart" of all places. Well, me being the compulsive crafter I am...I had to walk through the craft dept. (go figure, I guess that's what happens when you used to manage a craft department) The first place I head to is the yarn section. Now I can hear some of you out there..."Wal-Mart" yarn, EEEWWWW. Well all I can say is when you've got to feed the addition you do so by an means necessary!!! You buy what you can, when you can. Some of you out there know what I mean. :) Anyway, back to my story...We were looking at the yarn and I heard mom "oh"ing and "awe"ing. I turned around and saw mom looking at a pretty variegated skein of "Red Heart". It was all different shades of purple. Very nice colors. Mom commented on the colors and hinted that her favorite shades were all here.(Dad always liked mom in purple) Well...You can guess what came next. Several skeins ended up in my cart. I brought it home and picked a pattern. (It's a shawl collar sweater from "25 Gorgeous Sweaters fro the Brand-New Knitter" .) Of course the pattern I picked wasn't the right gauge for the yarn so it was back to the store for me. I bought a heather purple to strand with it. It looks pretty together. Mom knows she's getting a sweater but doesn't know when. I thought I would give it to her for Christmas so when she puts it on she can think of dad and realize he is still hugging her from heaven.

Sunday, August 22, 2004

The beast and a plug...

Well, I finally started the back of the beast (my poncho) last night. I was wondering if I could pull it off, but I did. I wasn't thinking when I started this project and I knit the front first. So...When it came to the back (it's all knit in one piece with the only seams being where the hood meets the body and trim at the neck opening going up around the hood edge.)I had a gap of twenty stitches that needed to be filled.
I have only been knitting a couple of years. I had someone show me how to cast on, knit and purl then we moved. I didn't even know how to cast off. I had no one to teach me and the local yarn shop wouldn't help because I didn't buy my yarn or pattern from them. I couldn't get it from looking a pictures in books. So...I taught myself how to cast off with a crochet hook. (I can crochet just enough to make a simple scarf) Well anyway...I mentioned "The Art of Knitting" DVD the other day...Well, it shows how to add stitches to a piece in progress. I did what it said and TA Da, it worked. I just love this DVD. It has helped me more with problems and things forgotten than all my reference books combine. (I'm one of those people who need to learn by being shown. Sometimes I just don't get it by looking at pictures.)If you want to check it out I have linked it to my sidebar, click the name under the picture to go to their site(I haven't figured out how to make a link button yet). You should check it out. The second DVD comes out this fall. I can't wait!!! For inspiration I'll keep my books, but for technical how to's I'll take this DVD anytime.(http://www.TheArtOfKnitting,com)Check it out.
Well I'm back to working on the beast. I want to get this thing finished!!! Since Monday is UFO (unfinished object) night I will be working on mom's sweater. Please don't tell her about it, it's for Christmas. I need to do the shoulder shaping for the back, then it's on to the front. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow. I think I'm going to ask Santa for a nice digital camera for Yule. I think my blog needs pictures!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Not much new...

Yesterday I worked on hats and I bought some nice cream worsted weight for a sweater. I'm not sure what style yet, but, I want it to wear under the poncho I'm working on.(A.K.A. "The Beast") If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. (This thing is huge.)It's 62 inches wide and 32 inches long . It doesn't help much that I'm so fluffy. :) I finally finished the neck so now it's down the back then the trim and it's done. Whew!!!It feels like I have been working on this forever. Half Done!!! It's very similar to the free Bernat pattern in "Family Circle Easy Knitting" Fall 2004 issue. When I'm finished it will also have a hood....Ok, I guess I'm not half done.(It sure felt good to say it though.) I think I better go get busy.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Meet the family

Mr. Neander

The Boy

The Girl

I just wanted to introduce you to my cast of characters. "The Boy...My almost 18 year old son. (a.k.a.- R.B.,Bubba). Then we have "The Girl"...My almost 17 year old daughter. (A.K.A.- R.G., sis). Now we come to my love..."Mr. Neander". He is my soul mate,and my life! (A.K.A.- Grog, hubby,honey, sweetie and when I'm upset bone head, butt head and or meat head) ;) All kidding aside, I couldn't live whithout him.

Now on to knitting talk... The square should be in the mail today. I just got my first issue of "Knitter's" in the mail watch your mail box for your's. A few weeks ago I sent in for that new magazine "Creative Knitting" and the book "New Directions In Knitting" both from "The House of White Birches". Has anyone gotten these? Mine haven't come yet.

The poncho is screaming again. I will need to work on it again. I am not getting enough knitting time in while I'm trying to set up this blog. It's proving to be a challenge. I have NO IDEA ABOUT P.C.'s. I don't think it's going to bad though. Everyday I learn something new!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Mr. Fluffy

Mr. Fluffy

Good evening all,

I just had to let everyone about Mr. Fluffy. I was accepted to the "Fluffy Knitters Blog Ring". It may not be much to some, but to me it's a big deal. The People in this ring are some of the nicest people I have ever come across not to mention some of the most talented. I am thrilled to be associated with them. (Just to let you know how happy I am about this, it took me 2 hours to get Mr. Fluffy's picture on this page. I'm not sure how I got it there, but it is there. I told you I'm new to this whole blog thing.) :) Anyway, he is the mascot for our web ring. So Let me just say thanks to the group for letting me be a part.

Needed inspiration...

I was in need of some inspiration so I checked out what other knitting bloggers are working on. Man, I gotta tell ya...WOW!!!!I saw some wonderful WIP today. All of the knitting out there is outstanding!!!! I know I will never posses the talent of these blogger but it did spark my creativity. (Another great place for inspiration is the "Ample Knitters Gallery".) I will finish the square I am working on for a friend then go back to work on the poncho I am working on. It is acrylic (I have problems with wool), variegated blue worsted and a cream boucle' held together and knitted as one strand.(I think it will look good with my blue felted alpaca roll brimmed hat I made a couple weeks ago.) I took parts from different patterns that I liked and combined them into the pattern I wanted. I have completed about half. I'm working on the neck opening now. (it's kind of confusing) If it looks ok when it's done I send a picture to Shelda (maybe she'll put it in the gallery, it could happen). It's plain by most knitters standards but I knit to relax (it keeps my blood pressure down). Too much pattern stresses me out. ;)

What a day...

It was not a great day for me today. Sorry about posting so late. I was informed today that the bike run for the "Rockin-Noggins hat drive" would have to be put on hold till next riding season. It was a real bummer for me. I was looking forward to it, oh well there's always next year. :) If I had tried to plan this a little earlier in the motorcycle season I might have been able to pull this off. So, until next season, I will continue to make hats. I am still collecting hats if anyone would like to donate. (Leave an e-mail address in my comments section and I will get back to you with a snail-mail address) I will be collecting them till November 12th and will be distributed to the Vetrans Hospital before Thanksgiving. Any hats collected after that will be held till the run next year.

I would like to wish Carol from (AK) a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope so much that you will soon be able to return to your family. Please get well soon.

I recently discovered books on tape (or CD). Of course I had heard about them some time ago but never thought twice about them. Then not long ago someone said they listen to them while they knit. Then it hit me, DUH!!! Why not. Boy is it great. I listen to them all the time now. While knitting, doing housework or whenever I can. It sure does beat rotting your brain with all that t.v. watching. The best part is if you miss part of it you can rewind and catch what you missed. Try that with regular t.v.! Today I bought "Priestess of Avalon" by Marion Zimmer Bradley (on tape). I can't wait to start this one. A while ago I read her book "The Mists of Avalon" I thought it was very good. Right now I am listening to, "Atlantis Found" by Clive Cussler . It's not usually the type of story I'm interested in but it's pretty good. I think I'm hooked. Any suggestions for what to read next? Please let me know.

Monday, August 16, 2004

I can't believe the weekend's over...

Is it just me or are the weekends getting shorter?!?! It was Friday then all of a sudden it's Monday. Where did it go? Oh well, back to reality.

It's been a typical Monday. You know, errands and running the kids all over town. I was beginning to wonder if I would get a few minutes to write today. I took a break from the hats last night. I think I'll take today off too. After all it is UFO day. I have a poncho that I had put on hold, (since all the hat business came along) that is screaming to be worked on. I think I will pay some attention to it today. Mom's sweater (a Christmas present) is screaming too. Maybe I will divide my time between the two.

I picked up some eyelash yarn today at the craft store. I may go get some more. I want to make a sweater with it. I think it would be neat. I saw a patons pattern for a pullover made with it. I thought why not a cardigan? It could work.

Things are moving along with the hat drive. I should have details set in a few days. I have more phone calls to make in the morning. There's always something to do!!

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Hats, Hats and more Hats and an overnight guest...

Yesterday I broke out the ISM to work on hats. I love my ISM!!! I completed several hats yesterday. I am hoping to put some serious time in today and make some more. I hand knit them in the evening and machine knit them during the day. I see hats in my sleep! Last night my brother Bob, dropped off his 2 and-a-half year old son. It was a nice distraction having a little one around. He was awed by my knitting machine. He even helped me make a hat for himself. He just woke up and asked to go back upstairs to make himself another hat. He's such a good boy. I wish he lived closer. Right now they live an hour away. I just don't get to see them enough. Well...I'm off to feed the little guy, read a couple stories and make him another hat! I sure do miss having a little one around!!!

Friday, August 13, 2004

Lazy Day...

I haven't done much today but work on this blog. I'm trying to get as much info up as I can. I hope it is helpful. :) when I am finished here I will go work on some more hats. (I have only had a few donations, I hope things pick up.) I have made two out of tan alpaca. One is felted, shaped and dried. It's a rolled brim style. I finished knitting the other last night. I will try to get around to felting it later on today. I think I will move on to some a little simpler in style and color. I think I'll use the good old acrylic left overs from my stash. I have a nice variegated lavender, purple, green, and white and pair it with a solid lavender. Yeah! That's my next hat. As soon as I figure out how, I will add some pictures of my hats. I have never worked on a blog or website or anything else like this before. So please bear with me. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks, huh?? I don't think I'm doing to bad for setting this up last night. ;) Thank You for helping me set this up last night honey. I Love You!!!

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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Rockn-Noggins hat drive

I am collecting hats to be distributed to University Hospitals of Cleveland and the Veterans Hospitals at Wade park and Brecksville all in Ohio. They will be given to paients who either from chemo therapy, an illness or due to medication are experiencing hair loss. I will accept any kind of hat or head covering. Many of the people receiving the head gear are very ill, so all must be new with tags on if purchased from a store (hospital rules). Store bought hats, knitted, crocheted, scarves, bandanas, do-rags or anything can be used to cover a head would be greatly appreciated. It doesn't matter if it's for men, women, teens or children, all are needed.

I told a few people last week I was collecting hats and the whole thing snowballed. The way things sit right now it looks like it's getting big. A couple of motorcycle groups are interested in participating. A local eatary has offered their establishment as a staging area and a luncheon after distribution. A couple of radio stations may also get involved. I am also seeking donations for prizes to be raffled off. I would like to be able to include the "Heart Association, Kidney, Diabetes and Arthritis Foundations and maybe a few others if I can get enough prizes donated. I'll let you know what happens.

A few weeks ago I purchased a DVD titled "The Art of Knitting". It's a great tool for experienced and novice knitters alike. It has a stitch library, knitting resource guide, and in-depth how to's to get you started if you don't know how or need a refresher course. ( just in case you are interested) Any way, I got another one in the mail today. I called the company and told them I received a second by mistake. I explained to them about the hat drive and they said I could use it as a raffle prize. They also told me that the hat pattern that comes with the DVD may be used as a pattern for the hat drive. (What nice people) :)

I will be collecting hats through November 12th 2004. Hats to be distributed on the motorcycle run need to be received by September 17th 2004. Motorcycle distribution will be September 25th 2004. Final distribution for hats collected after the run is set for November 2004.

I will be posting a mailing address in a few days so stay tuned.


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