Sunday, August 22, 2004

The beast and a plug...

Well, I finally started the back of the beast (my poncho) last night. I was wondering if I could pull it off, but I did. I wasn't thinking when I started this project and I knit the front first. So...When it came to the back (it's all knit in one piece with the only seams being where the hood meets the body and trim at the neck opening going up around the hood edge.)I had a gap of twenty stitches that needed to be filled.
I have only been knitting a couple of years. I had someone show me how to cast on, knit and purl then we moved. I didn't even know how to cast off. I had no one to teach me and the local yarn shop wouldn't help because I didn't buy my yarn or pattern from them. I couldn't get it from looking a pictures in books. So...I taught myself how to cast off with a crochet hook. (I can crochet just enough to make a simple scarf) Well anyway...I mentioned "The Art of Knitting" DVD the other day...Well, it shows how to add stitches to a piece in progress. I did what it said and TA Da, it worked. I just love this DVD. It has helped me more with problems and things forgotten than all my reference books combine. (I'm one of those people who need to learn by being shown. Sometimes I just don't get it by looking at pictures.)If you want to check it out I have linked it to my sidebar, click the name under the picture to go to their site(I haven't figured out how to make a link button yet). You should check it out. The second DVD comes out this fall. I can't wait!!! For inspiration I'll keep my books, but for technical how to's I'll take this DVD anytime.(http://www.TheArtOfKnitting,com)Check it out.
Well I'm back to working on the beast. I want to get this thing finished!!! Since Monday is UFO (unfinished object) night I will be working on mom's sweater. Please don't tell her about it, it's for Christmas. I need to do the shoulder shaping for the back, then it's on to the front. I'll tell you more about it tomorrow. I think I'm going to ask Santa for a nice digital camera for Yule. I think my blog needs pictures!!!


Blogger Amanda said...

I like reading your blog because you are so crafty- which I am so not. You should check out my SIL's blog- she is a knitter too!

1:09 PM  

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