Friday, September 24, 2004

The body of the beast...

The body of the beast is finished!!!! (YYYAAAYYY!!!) The rest shouldn't take long at all. This thing is so big I never thought I would finish it. I think if I ever make another one I will not modify it so much. I hope to have the camera working by the time I finish it so I can show it to you. I went to Wal-mart and picked up some more yarn, so I will have enough to finish. I also picked up buttons. The hood will button on and off as needed and since the sides are open I will attatch buttons there it so it can be buttoned for added warmth. I can't wait to show you.

We have been keeping busy around here. Hubby has been on vacation this week, so a lot of home repairs have gotten done (along with winterizing for this upcoming winter). He also made me a sewing table for my craft room. (YIPPY!!!) No more lugging the sewing machine into the dining room to mend and sew. No more just getting into a project and having to clear off the table because dinner is ready or the kids have a project to do and need the space. I can finally start a sewing project and walk away if I want and not have to rush through it!!! (Thank You Honey!!!) I can't wait to use it. I have been wanting to make a new knitting bag but have been putting it off. If I'm up to it today I may start it!!!

I still have another month to go for the hat drive. I have two large boxes of hats so far. One for the veteran's Hospital and one for the regular hospital. (Hats, scarves, do-rag's or anything that could be used to cover one's head, must be new.)Items can be hand made or store bought. If store bought The hospitals insists the tags remain left on. If you would be interested in sending a hat email me for a shipping address. Several wonderful businesses have contributed and I understand a few more want to help. Thank You to those of you who have contributed already.

Have a wonderful day!!! Talk to you later.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Feeling a little better...

Hello again...
I'm feeling a little better. Don't you just hate not feeling well!!! I have been doing a little knitting while I was gone. I have about 8 rows to go and the body of "The Beast" will be finished. Then only the hood and neck to go. They should go quickly. I still haven't figured out that camera yet. I managed to get it to take a couple of pictures but I am lost from there. I haven't given up though. I will make it work yet.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Sorry I haven't written...

I have been a bit under the weather lately. As some of you know I have had some knee problems. I have had these problems since April and they just don't seem to be getting any better. Now on top of that I am having other issues to deal with that have just left me drained. will understand when I say I haven't been knitting much. When I am up to it I do a row or two on the beast. But for the most part that's about all. I have taken a few photos of different projects I will try to upload them tonight when hubby comes home. (Once he shows me how I shouldn't have a problem.) Talk to ya soon.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Just one of those days...

Not much happened today. I worked on "The Beast" today. I wish I could knit faster. I really want to finish this thing. I could have used it today, it was very chilly. THIS WILL NOT BECOME A UFO!!! I will finish this thing even if my fingers fall off. :) It has become obsession. I WILL FINISH!!!

A few days ago I mentioned the "Einstein Coat"... Well, I found a yahoo group that is all about the coat. You may notice a link on my sidebar. I was thrilled to find a group who is working on it.

I have also added a few new blogs to my list. I talk to a few of these people regularly and must say they are wonderful people with a great sense of humor. You should check out their blogs. So please feel free to look around and check things out. Talk to ya later.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Where did summer go?

Well another Labor Day weekend is over. I hope your weekend went well. Mine was very laid back (just the way I like). Hubby made the chicken on the grill, or, at least it started out that way. We ran out of gas about half way through and I had to finish it in the oven. It was yummy just the same.

The boy and the girl spent labor day with friends who where having parties. I guess that's what happens when they get older. I think raising kids is much like the sesons. This point in my life it feels much like summer turning into fall. In just a little while the kids will be gone. I can see them blooming and growing while the colors in my life are turning richer. I know it's supposed to be this way but I don't have to like it.Anyway, enough rambing...

I have been working on the beast most of the day today. It has rained and been on the chilly side all day. It's been nice to work on it, I cover myself up with it as I knit. I may have a small problem with it...I checked my stash and it seems I may have estimated wrong when I bought my yarn. I may be short. I will let you know what happens.

A few weeks ago I mentioned a square I was making that was to be sewwn into a blanket for a sick friend. Well, the blanket is finished. Julie, (the woman who put it all together) sent me the following picture to share with you. Carol got it in the mail yesterday. I think everyone did a wonderful job. Thank you Julie for doing all the grunt work. The members of the "Ample Knitters List" are just an awsome group of people. I am very proud to be a part of their group.

Carol's Afghan

I have not been able to figure out this camera yet. I am still working on it. I will get this $#^$&* thing yet. :)

Sunday, September 05, 2004

We may have pictures soon...

Just wanted to let you know...My brother is loaning me a camera. If I can figure it out I may be able to share pictures soon. (I hope) It was a huge challenge for me to get this blog to work right and uploading the pictures I have to the web has cause more than a few gray hairs. Not to mention that I think I invented a few new words along the way. We'll see how it goes. Talk to you soon.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Planning my next project...

Good morning to all,
I had commented a week or so ago about making a sweater to wear under "The Beast". And I even bought yarn for it...Well, I'm putting that sweater on hold. I think I will use the yarn to make something with cables. Maybe the cabled "Aran Poncho" from Canadian or maybe a pull over sweater. I have been wanting (for months) to make "The Einstein Coat" from Sally Melville's book "The Knit Stitch". I think that's my next project. I was going through my stash yesterday and found some Lion Brand "Jiffy". I think if I adjust my gauge swatch it will work.
The back of the beast is half done. I am hoping that in a few days, maybe a week I will be able to make the hood. I want it to have a collar with a removable hood.

I don't have much planned for this weekend. We may go to mom's this weekend. But mostly I want to get "The Beast" finished. I know hubby is roasting a chicken and corn on the grill Monday. YYUUMMYY!!!! (I love rotisserie style chicken.) I will make a garden pasta salad and some homemade bread. OOOHHHH...I can't wait till Monday, my mouth is watering already!!! I sure "The Boy and The Girl" will most likely be gone most of the weekend. If given the chance they would only come home to shower, change, sleep and feed. (But not in that order.) I'm off now to work on the beast. Have a great holiday weekend!!!!

Friday, September 03, 2004

I'm Back...

Well, we got mom moved. Boy what a job that was! I'm so glad it's over!!! I hate moving. I'm so very glad I won't have to move again anytime soon. We moved around a little bit when the kids were small. We lived in four different states and decided to come home to stay when dad took ill. I would not trade the experience for anything. It's one thing to visit somewhere and totally different to live there!! The cultures and attitude of the residents are different everywhere you live. It's amazing. But anyway...
This weekend we are going out to help mom set up the house. We will also be going through some of dad's belongings. Stuff mom didn't want to go through when she was alone. This is going to be hard on all of us. I'ts been almost 2 years since dad passed away and she still has a lot of his stuff. When he died she packed it up and left just left it. I wish she would have done the sorting before the move. I can hear him now yelling with a huge grin and sly a look on his face saying" You are all knuckle heads...Why are you making double work for yourselves??? I should rap you right up-side your noggin!!!" :)
Since we have been moving mom, I haven't gotten much knitting done. I added a few rows to the beast here and there. I had another doc appointment so I did cast on (and knit a few rows) for my "Dynamic Blue" wide brimmed hat. I am pleased to report I have not developed a rash from the wool /mohair blend yarn. :) Until "The Beast" is finished I think the hat will be a take along project. Tueday I will once again start work on more hats for the hat drive. (So many projects, so little time).
I finally got my book I was waiting for in the mail ("New Directions in Knitting"). The graphics were very good. Some of the designs where interesting but there is nothing in it that I could see myself knitting. Oh well, It happens sometimes! I will be returning it. Maybe the next book will be better. Well, I'm off to work on the beast.


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