Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Hat drive up-date...

Sorry for not posting in a while, things have been a little busy around here. I have been working on a lot of hats lately...The deadline for the hat drive is approching very quickly. I have been making and sewing up hats like a mad woman. Hubby has taken to calling me "the hat lady".

Last week "the boy" broke his hand. Tomorrow he goes to see an orthopedic doc to have his bone re-set and a cast put on. He has a boxer fracture in the support bone (in the palm of his hand) for his pinky finger.

I was finally approved for arthroscopic surgery on my knee. I will be going in on the 15th. It's one of those out patient surgery's so I won't have to stay in the hospital. :)

As you can see, it hasn't been too dull in my little part of the world. I finally finished hubby's heather blue sweater. I would take a picture but I don't have a camera anymore. I had borrowed it from my brother and he needed it back. If I can borrow it back from him I'll take pictures of my latest finished objects and some pictures of the great hats that have been collected.

Talk to ya soon.


Blogger Amanda said...

Sorry about the Boy's hand! I was wondering where you have been. Glad to see that everything is good. Hope to talk to you soon!

8:26 PM  
Blogger Literary Lady said...

Am I missing them? Where are your ring links? :)

11:56 AM  
Blogger Gods child said...

Ouchy! I Just read that "the boy" broke his hand! ouchy ouchy ouchy! How is he doing? i know how that feels... I had my ankle broken in january and i had surgery on it in febuary and NOW i have 4 pins and a plate in it, continued with a HUGE scar...
my right leg gets really bad through out the weather changings... i dont know but ummm...
i got the email and that sounds good to me ok! talk to you later!

9:17 PM  

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