Monday, January 03, 2005

Getting back to normal...

Happy New Year to everyone. As you can see, I have survived the holidays. We all got together for Christmas but, it wasn't here... at the last minute mom decided it would be easier to have it at her house. We had a wonderful time. It was great seeing everyone togther again. When all the little ones opened their gifts all you could see was paper flying everywhere. What a wonderful sight!!! New Years eve was a good time too. With family and friends stopping by there was never a dull moment. Another year gone...It just goes by too fast. The next event is "The Boy's" 18th birthday!!! I CANNOT be old enough to have an 18 year old...can I??? I thought that on his last birthday I forbid him to have today, they just don't listen!!! :)

On to knitting...
Machine knitting: I still haven't finished the boys hoodie. I hope that by admiting it to you I will be motivated to finish. I still need to finish one sleeve, start the other and make the hood. I just ran out of steam. I think the color of the project has a lot to do with my motivation. This hoodie is black. I find it very dificult to see the stitches on an all black project. My old eyes just aren't what they used to be.

Hand knitting: I started the "to dye for" sweater from the first "Stitch & Bitch" book. I decided to make it with Caron worsted weight yarn so I had to change the gauge and I had to adjust it for size because it was just a little small. I also decided to try knitting it in the round rather than on straight needles. So far, so good. I have 10 inches so far and all looks well. I may add a few extra inches too the length.

For Christmas I made "The Girl" The knitted collar from the premier issue of Vogue knitting "knit.1" magazine (pg. 45 pattern #16) and hat that looks very similar to the one pictured ("Fiber Trends" pattern for wide brimmed felted hat) She really liked them. Now she is after me to make her shoulder wrap on pg. 49 pattern #22. Maybe for her birthday...we'll see. ;)


Blogger Amanda said...

Glad that you had a great Holiday. You knitting sounds neat. I hope you are feeling better too :)

9:48 AM  

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