Friday, January 14, 2005

What's with this weather?!?!?!

What is with this weather lately? Yesterday it was 68 degrees in my backyard...I wore shorts to physical therapy...IN JANUARY !!! Where is the blistering winter cold coming across Lake Erie from Canada??? Where is the knee deep lake effect snow that I have to make the kids to go out and shovel??? Is this Cleveland??? Don't get me wrong, I love snow at the holidays and just enough to cover the grass and coat the trees, is a beautiful site. I am happy that it's not knee deep and we don't have bone chilling freezing temperatures, if this was a normal winter I would most likely be totally house bound. I think this weather is crazy!!! I have heard that some of the flowers and trees are starting to bud...This is not good. If they bud now they will not bud in the spring. Rivers, stream, creeks and even backyards here are flooding like it's March. My mom's basement flooded. Poor mom...Like she don't have enough to deal with. What a job that is cleaning water out of a basement. I feel badly for those folks who have to do this to their entire home due to flooding. The rivers around here are very near flood stage a few have already spilled over their banks. I saw on the news that folks have been dealing with this for nearly 3 weeks now. When will things go back to normal? I understand that MANY other parts of the country are going through the same thing. If you are reading this and you are one of those people, just know you are in my thoughts.

On a lighter note...Therapy is going well. There hasn't been much improvement with my knee, but it isn't any worse either. I went to see the surgeon a couple of weeks ago. He drained my knee and gave me another cortisone shot. He removed a lot of fluid and said that He will most likely be doing this again in the near future. (Oh...What fun!!!... Can you hear the sarcasm???) I am waiting for approval of a hinged knee brace and a cane. I can't wait to get rid of that crutch I have been using. Not only is it ugly but I get a lot of stares when I use only one crutch. I never thought I would be happy to say I was looking forward to using prosthetics. (It's funny how things change, don't you think?!?!) A few months ago just the thought of using an aid was depressing and would reduce me to tears. Wow...I guess I have come a long way.

I am still working on the "to dye for" sweater. So far, so good. I have been checking the gauge constantly. It seems good. I have about 6 inches done so far. I will keep you informed.


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