Monday, August 08, 2005

Is it Einstein or Frankenstein??? You Decide...

I finally started my Einstein Coat. Last week I went to a local store and found Lionbrand "Kool Wool" for $1.00 a ball. I couldn't believe it!!! So what did I do??? I bought 40. I worked my gauge swatch and actually came up with the right gauge. (Can you believe it??? I made a gauge swatch!!!) So far I have 20 ridges completed out of 200. If you don't know the Einstein Coat, it's from "Book 1: The Knit Stitch" by Sally Melville. I have wanted to start this coat for a very long time but was so hesitant because of all the garter stitch. The whole coat is garter stitch. Pictures of the coat can be found at the Ample knitters website under group projects or at this link... or you can "Google" and for it. I hear this coat is a breeze if you can survive all the garter stitch. The worst part is the bottom. It's knit in one giant piece.

I think I'll put a hood on it instead of the collar. I would also like to use toggles instead of buttons and maybe add pockets. I need to read up a little more on how to make pockets before I decide on that for sure. I still need to finish my "Blue Sweater". It looks just like the one I made mom last year (only it's dark blue and blue variegated knit together). I only have the shoulder shaping left on one of the front panels and the second front panel to finish. I just can't get motivated. I think I burned myself out on that pattern by knitting mom's and mine so close together. I am half way done with my shawl. (That's a waiting room project.) The "Sweet tart socks" are also on hold at the moment. I completed the heel gussets and don't like how they look, so they will take a trip to the frog pond. I will only rip out the gusset and re-cast on. I just don't like how they look. I also have 3 sweaters for my "USM" that are in various stages of completion. I must be insane adding another project to all this. I guess my knitting ADD has kicked in.


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