Thursday, October 20, 2005

Socks and fur babies...

I thought I would document the progress I was making on the frogged and re-knit "Sweet Tart" socks. The color is darker in the picture than in person. So far I have 4" done on both socks. I have to knit both socks at the same time or my gauge isn't consistent. I can't wait till they are done so I can wear them. A few months ago I had made a purple striped pair. Well, I finally wore them. I guess I was afraid to after putting so much time and energy into them. I must say, I think they were the most comfortable sock I ever wore. I can't wait to start my next pair.
Sweet Tart Socks

I mentioned in my last post about keeping busy. Well, here is Buddy modeling his new polar fleece sweater. Does the fabric look familiar??? I made myself mittens and a scarf to match his sweater.
Buddy 1


Here is Buddy and Purl

Believe it or not, they really do get along, most of the time. I just love my fur babies. They listen better than the kids do most of the time!!! :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Other Projects...

I thought I might share some other projects I was working on lately. The first is an old train case made new. I thought I could use a change so I thought I would buy myself a new makeup case. I couldn't believe how expensive makeup cases were when I priced them. I bought this for $3.00 at a local thrift store. The inside was torn up and badly stained, but the outside isn't so bad. I removed everything from the inside and completely made new padded walls. The only thing I purchased for this project was the uphostery tacks used to hold the lace strip in place, and of course the train case. Everything else I had on hand. The mirror is the original. For the lace strip that runs completely around the inside, I sewed elastic to it, and it holds items rather well. I like it better than the plastic boxes that saw. And the price was right.

Train Case

Train Case with new inside.

Padded Tray

These charms I won on Ebay. I don't know how well they show up on your monitor. Going from left to right the first is a sweater on knitting needles. Second is a sheep. Third is a little sign that says "I love (actually it's a heart) 2 knit" and has a small ball of yarn with knitting needle stuck in it. And the fourth pair is a larger ball of yarn with needle stuck in it.

Ear rings

I managed to keep myself busy whenever I can.

Monday, October 10, 2005

What's new???

Mom went to a garage sale and called to ask if I would like her to pick up the yarn they had there. Well, being the "pack rat" that I am, I could not resist. So I said sure, why not. Imagine my suprize when she brought me about 40 (brand new, never used) skein of "Dazzillair" yarn. There were about 20 half skeins too. There are all kinds of colors. All that yarn for $15.00. I couldn't believe it. It opened up a lot of possibilities for my stash. I will probably use some if it to make the sweater coat from "". I ordered the pattern last week after drooling over it for a year.

I have finally started knitting again. This last flare up I had turned out to be the worst I have ever had. So instead of starting another new project I have been working on the sam old ones. I had to frog and re work the front panel of my blue on blue Shawl Collar Coat. I realized that the "almost completed" front was not wide enough. The Einstien is on hold till I finish the Shawl collar coat. I also frogged and cast on again the Sweet Tart socks. I was not happy with the way they were turning out. I found a sock pattern for wider feet and ankles, so I went with it. And I am happy to report, so far so good.

Since knitting had been out of the question, I was doing a little sewing.

Blue on Blue Wrap

This dark/light blue are two layers sewn together. I love the contrast.

Blue on Blue Wrap 2

Mitten set

The black wrap is the same style as the blue on blue but just a single layer.

Black wrap & mitten set

What do ya think??? I love them!!! Sewing hasn't been too bad. It's different. I have a blouse pattern I may try next.


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