Thursday, October 20, 2005

Socks and fur babies...

I thought I would document the progress I was making on the frogged and re-knit "Sweet Tart" socks. The color is darker in the picture than in person. So far I have 4" done on both socks. I have to knit both socks at the same time or my gauge isn't consistent. I can't wait till they are done so I can wear them. A few months ago I had made a purple striped pair. Well, I finally wore them. I guess I was afraid to after putting so much time and energy into them. I must say, I think they were the most comfortable sock I ever wore. I can't wait to start my next pair.
Sweet Tart Socks

I mentioned in my last post about keeping busy. Well, here is Buddy modeling his new polar fleece sweater. Does the fabric look familiar??? I made myself mittens and a scarf to match his sweater.
Buddy 1


Here is Buddy and Purl

Believe it or not, they really do get along, most of the time. I just love my fur babies. They listen better than the kids do most of the time!!! :)


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