Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day and other stuff...

I just wanted to wish all the mom's out there a "Happy Mother's day". (Shouldn't everyday be Mother's Day?)

Well, another birthday has come and gone and I'm now another year older. Does anyone else out there feel like they can't possibly be as old as they are? I know I certainly don't think of myself as 42...24 maybe, but not 42. Although there are days when I feel like I'm 84. Why is it we don't see ourselves as others see us? I think I need to meditate on this...

I have been in a knitting slump for several weeks now. I just can't seem to shake it. As a result, I have not had anything to post about. However, I have been cleaning up my craft room little bit, by little bit. I hate making decisions like...what stays and what goes. Trying to weed through my knitting books is the worst. Every time I put a book in the give away pile, it comes back out later. I am also trying to decide what to do with the things I'm getting rid of... Warning Now Entering A Rant Zone...The last few times I thinned things out, I donated the stuff to a local nursing home/retirement community for the residence. Everyone told me how much the residence needed things to do, and would love to have the items. Then I found out that the employees were taking most of the items for the own use and the residence got the little bit that had been picked through. I can't even describe how I felt when the receptionist (a "paid" employee in her mid 50's who drives) came up to me and thanked me for the yarn that she had used to make SEVERAL baby sweaters, blankets and outfits for her new grandbaby. Then she informed me that she wasn't the only employee who had benefited from this stuff. Maybe it's me...maybe I shouldn't be bothered by this, but I am still really ticked off about it. I just feel like this stuff was stolen from the people it was supposed to go to. I have since decided to try to find another place to donate items. So if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know...Now Leaving The Rant Zone...


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